The WHVACR Conference Draws a Record-Breaking Crowd in Denver

Meet April Hines. She is a sales and customer assurance manager for Bay Area Air Conditioning Inc. in Crystal River-New Port Richey, Florida. She is also a first-time attender of the 15th Annual Women in HVACR (WHVACR) Conference that took place at the historic Brown Palace Hotel in Denver last month.

Saving or Empowering?

Saving or Empowering?

Last summer my family went up in the beautiful Utah mountains to spend a day with my parents and siblings who were camping. On our ride up, my 8 year old daughter needed a bathroom break. I noticed some outhouses and pulled off the side of the road.

As my daughter entered the outhouse, I noticed there was a sliding latch to lock the door, and I heard her lock it after she shut the door.

Find Relief by Empowering Your Team

Holy Cow! It’s Time to Get Your AC Tuned Up!

I thought it was a great headline. Smeared across the front of 20,000 postcards with a huge picture of a cow’s face, we sent them out in a last-ditch effort to get the phone to ring. We had been having an extremely slow spring in 2011 with very little work coming in the door.

My husband, Ryan, who is the co-owner of our company, had invested what was left of our checking account into this mailing, with the hope that this postcard would produce thousands.

It didn’t. It flopped.

Dream BIG!

Dream BIG!

Today was a big day for us...
We are now the official owners of a new building for our HVAC business!

A year ago, my husband printed a photo of a building and taped it on his vision board. Below it were the words,“I am the proud owner of a new building for Western Heating.” Here we are, a year later, and we signed the papers for our new building today! 

Build a Professional Partnership

When selecting a partner for your HVACR business, it’s important to find someone who is not only business savvy, but someone you can trust and has your complete confidence. Many potential business owners turn to the people they are closest to — friends, family or even their spouse.

Eleven years ago, my husband popped the magic question that changed our lives forever, “Will you buy an HVACR business with me?” I love my husband and I love a good challenge, so of course I said yes!

How to Recruit Women Technicians

How to Recruit Women Technicians

Written by Angie Snow. Originally published December 1st, 2017 on

You just never know when you will run into a woman who has the skills, drive, desire or ability to become your next superstar technician.

Here are four simple things that you can do right now to help you find and recruit women for your business.