Customers Who've Worked With Us Say...

Well prepared, excellent speaking skills and content.
— Brian, Coomes Air
Angie is a very organized, detail oriented, and determined individual. She has a quick and creative mind especially when it comes to marketing and developing a healthy business partnership, or shifting a company’s culture. She is engaging, focused, and has excellent follow-through, which makes consulting with her a pleasure. Any business owner would be lucky to learn from Angie. I highly recommend working with her in any aspect.
— Lacy Crook, Owner
“She is always willing to go out of her way to help others solve their problems.”
— Mark Ishii, President of Ishii Design
“Angie is very dedicated to improvement, problem solving and connecting with others, this is evident in her positive, happy attitude.”
— Ronda Hair, Career Coordinator, Nebo School District ALC
“My favorite speakers - heartfelt and genuine...”

”Love the value based approach!”

”One of the best!”

”Refreshing to hear positive business owners talk about their family culture.”


”Great business model ideas.”

”Loved their honesty!”

”Very knowledgeable about business.”

”Authentic, personable, and valuable content.”
— Comfort Tech Presentation Attendees
Your presentations were very valuable for my students and if we could replicate that experience I know it would have a positive impact.
— Ronda Hair, Career Coordinator, Nebo School District ALC
I want to say Awesome presentation today! It took me many years to learn this on my own, anyone looking at growing their business should have walked away with a Fortune of information from your session.
— Ted Puzio, Southern State Electric, Plumbing and Heating/Air
“Awesome speaker, very uplifting!”
— Buford Martin, Martin's Heating & Air
‘You’re awesome! Excellent content, very applicable.”
— Jim Fossitt, Pearce Heating & Air
Presentation was inspirational.
— Cory Fossitt, Pearce Heating & Air
Angie is amazing! The way she teaches makes the class fun and her information is very helpful.” Great presentation!
— Dustin Neff, AAA Air Conditioning
“Angie’s presentation style is great! Thanks Angie!”
— Joseph Frasier
“Great presentation, fantastic energy. Angie is the most positive person ever, and that is coming from a very positive person!”
— Adam Thompson, Focal Point Coaching
“Angie makes me want to take action on each of my key takeaways. She is humble, while being a great example of success at the same time. I loved the content she shared with us. It is exactly what we needed after bootcamp.”
— April Hines, Bay Area A/C
“This is amazing. I can’t wait to go back and take action form my plan. This will be a big help on how I can develop my team and we will have success.”
— Trapper Barnes, Infinity Texas Air