Dream BIG!

Today was a big day for us...
We are now the official owners of a new building for our HVAC business!

new building.jpg

A year ago, my husband printed a photo of a building and taped it on his vision board. Below it were the words, “I am the proud owner of a new building for Western Heating.” Here we are, a year later, and we signed the papers for our new building today! 

Through this experience and many others like it, I have learned that there is power in creating a vision, and visualizing your goals coming to pass. If you have goals for your business, write them down and find an image to represent each of your goals. It may sound simple, but it works!

Post your goals somewhere that you will see them often and let your mind do the rest. As you visualize, imagine, and dream of how it will feel to reach your goal, your subconscious will go to work and you will recognize the action steps it will take to make your goal a reality. Even better, visualize the sweetness of the success that comes after you reach your goal.

  • How will you feel?

  • What will you do?

  • How will you celebrate?

celebration dinner.JPG

Today, we celebrated with lunch at one of our favorite restaurants and savored on the sweetness of the journey that we have been on to get us to this point. Of course after yummy Thai food, this dessert was a bit too much, and I saved a bunch for the kids!

What’s next for us? We already have our next goals on our vision board. Do you? 

Dream BIG!