Commusoft Interview with Angie Snow: How to Hire Women in HVAC (And Why You Need To)

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By Linda Formichelli on March 22, 2018

The field service industry is starting to realize that female employees—from office staff to engineers—bring unique skills and much-needed diversity to their businesses.

'When other contractors hear about companies that are having a lot of success with women technicians they ask me, "How do you recruit these women?"', says Angie Snow, Vice President and Co-Owner of Western Heating & Air Conditioning and treasurer on the board of Women in HVACR. 'I know that my competitors see it too, because my female employees tell me all the time that our competitors are trying to recruit them away from me.'

And it's not just female engineers that are bringing the benefits: We're seeing more women vendors, suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, salespeople, office managers, and other skilled female professionals in the field service industry.

How can you get on board with all this goodness to improve your own business? Snow started Western Heating & Air Conditioning 10 years ago with her husband, and since then has built the business to 30 employees, so we talked with her about why you should hire more women—and how to attract and recruit female employees in a competitive marketplace where skilled engineers are in short supply.

How to Hire Women in HVAC

Here's how to bring more women on board in your HVAC company:

  1. Foster a female-friendly environment.
  2. Help female employees set boundaries.
  3. Offer flexible hours. (But make sure it doesn't backfire.)
  4. Target recruitment ads to women.

Now, let's talk about why you should hire women, and get into more detail on how to bring them on board...

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