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Become a 7-Star CSR with Angie Snow!

May 14-15, 2019

 Course Description:

In our industry, 5-star customer service is the expected standard. But what if your CSRs and dispatchers could confidently win over your customers and maximize every opportunity with 7-star customer service? That would mean:

  • Empowered CSRs

  • More Booked Calls

  • Higher Average Tickets

  • Increased Revenue

  • Devoted Customers for Life

In this intensive two-day workshop, your CSRs and Dispatchers will learn and practice the "7-Star CSR" process to improve their customer service performance on inbound and outbound calls. They will learn how to prioritize calls, de-escalate upset customers, overcome objections, and offer win-win solutions.

Each CSR and dispatcher will come back with a personalized script and call-evaluation scorecard for your company to ensure continued success and progress.

Please contact Tim Herbert with any questions at 469-293-8833 or