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FB Live Training: Overcome the Overwhelm

Spring can be a busy season for most people...but, don't let that stop you from growing in your life and business! All it takes is a little "spring cleaning" of your mind to let in the sunshine and see things in a different light. Watch me on FB Live to learn:

  • How I manage to run a multi-million dollar business, be a present and focused mother of four children, run marathons, volunteer in my community and church, and be a supportive partner and wife to my husband AND keep it all together. 
  • What it means to prioritize areas of your life and how to easily do this.
  • The one thing that may be sabotaging all of your efforts and how to stop doing it now.
  • My hero, my Grandma, and the important lesson she taught me about managing the moments that really matter.

Join me this Friday, May 4th at 10am MT to Overcome the Overwhelm and let this spring bring you growth and prosperity!